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Annual dealer meeting successfully held

16 sep

Electric bicycle industry drive into low-carbon fast lane
Brand feast, winning in KAIQI
Guangzhou Kaiqi Annual dealer meeting was successfully  

Recently, in the Tenth China North International Bicycle Show, as the representative of the electric bicycle manufacturers, the "urban style" launched a series of green energy saving, new type electric bicycle, experts analyzed, there are signs that electric bicycle industry is driving into low-carbon development fast lane adhering to the international orientation.

In the 2010 seminar of the electric bicycle industry development, the Chinese Academy of Sciences He Zuoxiu academician proofs, electric bicycle industry is the green economy with strict attitude towards the experimental subjects by scientists. He said, compared their energy consumption and carbon emissions among four transport modes, the same person every 10km, take the car to consume of 0.544 kg of standard coal, 1.15 kg of carbon dioxide emissions; ride motorcycles to consume 0.272 kg of standard coal, 0.575 kg of carbon dioxide emissions; take bus to consume of 0.11 kg standard coal, 0.23 kg of carbon dioxide emissions; ride electric bicycle to consume of 0.043 kg of standard coal consumption, 0.082 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. It is obvious that energy consumption of electric bicycles is about 1 / 3 of bus, and emissions are very low. These data show that electric bicycle is green. To meet the low carbon economy development, "urban style " has always regarded it as their mission to innovate and research the application of green transport tools. In R&D, “urban style” regard it as the basic principles to meet the national electric vehicle industry , as our responsibility to protect the safety of the users, as our direction to meet consumer’ using needs and feelings demand, we make the market segment, produce products closer to consumers. "urban style" will set the direction of product development - fine, clever, new, high, "fine" means a exquisite workmanship, "a clever "Is cleverly designed, compact products, "new" is fashionable, "high " means high technology and energy efficient products using lithium batteries. Which produced products with long life, endured high temperature, small size, Light weight, good safety performance, low price, green environmental protection features and advantages, energy consumption can be reduced four times.     According to the "urban style" charged person introduced, in the Tenth China North International Bicycle Show, new product of “urban style” appeared is mainly green low-carbon, such as, launched “Nuclear magnetic power series products", based on  improving the energy conversion efficiency, without increasing the appearance of the structure, without increasing power consumption, to improve the motor power,  based on the improved motor power, and truly ensure the needs of the people "not only powerful, also run far”. Meanwhile, they make the new appearance design for this series products, Seek beautiful fashion, consistent with the individual needs of today's consumers. This series of “Urban style " new products effectively reduce energy consumption, in line with national great policy to create low-carbon economy.

With global energy crisis more serious, low-carbon environmental protection has once again been put on the agenda, especially calls "low-carbon economy" in “two sessions”, China will soon set off a new round of environmental protection heat. As big energy-saving, electric bicycle industry has broad potential and space in energy saving and emission reduction. Industry’s rapid progress not only promote the economic development, but also provide good help for environmental improvement. Electric bicycle industry will usher development prospects, which brings more market opportunities for electric bicycle industry represented “Urban style”。