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who we are

Basic introduction

Guangzhou KAIQI electric bicycle company was established in the year 2001, it is the first one who specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling electric bicycle and related spare parts. Through 10 years' development, our products currently ranges from heavy load series, climbing series, light electric vehicle to electric motorcycle. The annual output is over 600.000 units, with the brand KAIQI, our products are well sold all over the country, and also all over the world such as Middle east, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa etc. “Make first-class products, create global brand” is our biggest target. Relied on strong research and quality guaranty system, strictly accorded with the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, we supply customer with high quality and competitive price electric bicycle. We are the first who explored “climbing” “heavy loading” series, which are well sold all over the world.

We intend to focus on developing “farther, faster, stronger” series, in order to promote the competitiveness of our products and brand in the world, we are committed to the innovation of technology, organization, service and market. “Know the horse through long journey, trust KAIQI through its deeds”, we will continue to regard “team, profession, integrity, innovation” as the enterprise spirit, insist on the market principle “ win to win between consumers and manufacturers”, and do our best to contribute for the development of green, environmental transport career.


our history

  • November 18, 2001

    Guangzhou Santamotor Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was established and launched the first self-developed electric bike, become the first enterprises specialized in research and development, manufacturing and sales in Guangdong

  • November, 2002

    Kaiqi electric bike first lunched "fashion bike ", "climbing ", "Heavy load", "long-distance running bike", "Light bike" five series of products in China. Now two series: the "climbing ", "Heavy Load " are well sold all over the world.

  • October, 2003

    The Industry of electric bicycle in Guangdong, Kaiqi first got China Certification Committee for Quality Mark strict quality management review, got ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, it means that our quality has reached a new level

  • May 2004

    Kaiqi invested nearly one billion to build the largest professional product base in the south of China , the annual production capacity reached 200,000 units, which further established and secured the market position in Guangdong .

  • September 2005

    Special Vehicles branch was established, specialized in the R&D, production ,sales and parts supplied four- wheel electric bicycle .

  • March 2006

    Guangzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin three branches were established, and they have their own independent produce base, which reveals our strength and confidence .

  • July 2006

    The fifth anniversary to thank for the support of the customers, cooperated with the Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Launched the "Buy kaiqi electric bike , get 100 thousands insurance " activities . As the leader of two fields ,the cooperation catched more attention.

  • March 2007

    2007,new products promotion and dealer meeting held in Guangzhou kaixuan century Kong gang Hotel . More than 300 dealers from 8 province in south China attended the meeting . This meeting specially introduced the " Hegemony" series and 60V heavy load ,which warmly welcomed by the majority of customers .

  • June 2007

    "Kaiqi cup" dragon Boat Race held in Leizhou wushi gang , the leader of the leizhou CPPCC , Wushi town government attended the activities, Zhanjiang City TV, "Zhanjiang Daily", Leizhou subnet and other local media witnessed this spectacle.

  • September 2007

    Kaiqi electric bicycle passed the Netherland's RDW vehicle safety inspection Certification , marked our quality has been recognized by the international especially Europe market , it means the quality of kaiqi reached a new level .

Dual certified product

The industrial product production license is an integral part of the production license system. It is a production and processing enterprise designed and controlled by the administrative department of the national quality control work in charge of product production in order to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Monitoring system. The system stipulates that citizens, legal persons or other organizations engaged in the production and processing of products must have basic production conditions to ensure product quality and safety, and obtain the "Production License for Industrial Products" in accordance with the prescribed procedures before they can engage in product production. Enterprises that have not obtained the "Production License for Industrial Products" are not allowed to produce products, and no enterprise or individual may produce without a license.

Any organization needs to be managed. When management is related to quality, it is quality management. Quality management is a coordinated activity of the command and control organization in terms of quality, usually including the development of quality policies, objectives, and quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement activities. To achieve the quality and management objectives and objectives, and effectively carry out various quality management activities, it is necessary to establish a corresponding management system. This system is called the quality management system. It can effectively achieve quality improvement. ISO9000 is an internationally accepted quality management system.