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project Comment
In 1, the unified VI image Provide VI design, the reunification of the company to join the production of store decoration design, to ensure that Kay riding brand image of unity, safeguard national distributor of common interests.
In 2, systematic training services and management guidance You by a professional marketing staff, and distributors to local customers characteristics, consumer psychology, industrial distribution, market to conduct a comprehensive planning and analysis, for the dealer to provide the shop location, category mix, product display, image display, VI application, inventory management, sales techniques, network development and other aspects of professional training, according to the regional electric vehicle industry development and the dealer 's own foundation, for the dealer to" tailor", formulate targeted, practical strong company management scheme. Distributors for the company equipped with" VI manual"," store shopping guide management handbook", with overall guiding dealers Kay riding brand management activities.
3, full marketing planning guidance and assistance In the marketing planning process, Kay riding brand headquarters is a professional marketing team, to help dealers for the local market situation, make very fruitful marketing scheme.
In 4, mature mode of brand operation Kay riding brand mature mode of brand operation, get twice the result with half the effort distribution business, steadily improve performance.
5, innovation of marketing planning and brand promotion Kay riding brand continue to change unpredictably market to make quick response, marketing strategy adjustment, as China's electric vehicle industry brought epoch-making revolution! You as Kay riding brand image spokesmen -- cartoon character Kiki, represents the sweet, cute, fashion, vitality, personality. Kay riding using different from traditional star endorsement of the cartoon interpretation, interpretation of the concept of brand personality of the brand, and constantly Kay riding humanities concern to the consumer in the daily life, thus " Kay riding" molded into a user-friendly, with warmth humanistic caring electric car brand. A series of brand planning and promotion, so that the brand in the terminal sales climbed all the way!
6, to stabilize the market price system To ensure the stable development of the market, protect joined the reasonable profit. The company to new dealers to join the distribution price, retail price, for the dealer to provide pricing guide.
7, full operational guidance In addition to join the initial guidance and training, encountered in the operation of any market problem need help, Kay riding brand headquarters will have professional marketing staff for the dealer, give advice and suggestions to solve the problem.
In 8, a full range of advertising support Kay riding brand headquarters professional brand image marketing consultant and professional advertising team, guiding Kay riding brand promotion direction, to conduct a comprehensive brand image promotion. According to the company" distribution agreement" clause, providing business newspaper, brand terminal POP, hanging flag, advertising balloons, posters, advertising material spray the reason, the dealer if not done as long as in accordance with the policy of brand, brand marketing activities, will certainly be able to stand firmly and fight steadily, do a job with skill and ease!

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