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16 sep

Electric vehicle industry benefits from national’s low-carbon economy policy  

In Mar.26th, Electric vehicle industry in 2010 seminar and the "urban style" car conference ceremoniously held at JINBIN international exhibition center in Tianjin. The forum not only was concerned by electric vehicle industry, but also attract the relevant government departments, academia and the media’s participation. China bicycle association chairman Ma Zhongchao, Chinese Academy of Sciences He Zuoxiu, National Industrial Information Center director Yu Shiguang, Shanghai bicycle association Honorary chairman Zhao Guotong, Tianjin bicycke association chairman Gong Xiaoyan, and chairman of “urban style” Lu Xiufen, general manager Che Xiaoming and relevant leaders attending the forum.      

In forum, Chairman Ma Zhongchao is optimistic about the development of electric bicycle industry: Electric bicycles as a transportation tool of new energy, it has been a decade healthy and orderly development, production increased year by year. In the next decade of development, should also settle many factors that affect the industry, among that, green, environmental protection, low-carbon is of great significance. Academician He Zuoxiu strongly support electric bicycle: it not only green, environmental protection, efficient, energy saving, safety, but also contributes to ease traffic congestion. At present, 200 million peasants went into city to work, the next 10 years, may add 300 million peasants intocity to work, there may be 100-200 million settled in the city, there will be a huge demand for electric bike in the future. Shanghai bicycle association Honorary chairman Zhao Guotong thinks: the backbone of urban transportation is “8+2”, wheel and rail above and below as backbone load 50%, the ground bus as auxiliary, car and two wheels as supplementary, which take their own roads, exploit their own advantages “multi traffic” mode, among these, electric bicycle has advantage of environmental protection, material saving, place saving, flexibility, excellent quality, and reasonable price, we should advocate strongly.                                                      National Industrial Information Center director Yu Shiguang proposed: green technology will be the direction for electric bike’s development in the future, should promote green GDP’s ration which embodies economic growth, natural environment’s harmony. At present, the green energy is becoming a respected and pursuit concept of electric bikes manufacturers, "urban style" is no exception. No matter the choice of lithium battery or reduction of the production process, or increasing enterprise management level, it adheres to the green concept, so that consumers always regard  the green into life, meanwhile make a due contribution to the environmental protection career.                                                       “Urban style " general manager Che Xiaoming, gave the keynote speech. He said: response to the government's call to actively develop a low carbon economy is the"urban style "bounden duty. To open up a sharing of resources, environment-friendly green development, we actively promote green product development and production. During R & D, we regard it as the basic principles to meet the national electric vehicle industry , as our responsibility to protect the safety of the users, as our direction to meet consumer’ using needs and feelings demand, we make the market segment, produce products closer to consumers. "urban style" will set the direction of product development - fine, clever, new, high, "fine" means a exquisite workmanship, "a clever "Is cleverly designed, compact products, "new" is fashionable, "high " means high technology and energy efficient products using lithium batteries. Which produced products with long life, endured high temperature, small size, Light weight, good safety performance, low price, green environmental protection features and advantages, energy consumption can be reduced four times. consumers use electric bicycle "urban style ", both responded to the call of the green travel, but also to achieve the protection of the environment, reduce vehicle  emissions, reduce air pollution.

This forum, by discussion collision between association leaders, industry experts and electric bicycle factories, under the guidance of national low carbon economy, makes guidelines for the electric car industry adhering to the green concept to develop. The "urban style " launched products, which let you see the electric bicycle factory for a deep understanding to industry development’s core. We Believe the electric vehicle industry will achieve greater results in the support of all parties concerned.